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The ministry is also launching a pilot where each couple would be allowed to hold one wedding reception with up to 50 attendees for the entire duration of the event. The Wedding Party Phase 2 Opening - Hotels and Venues Accepting Weddings Solemnisation in Singapore. Intimate wedding venues in Singapore for phase 2 receptions and beyond September 19, 2020 published at 11:00 PM By Sheila Hong City Nomads We’ve scoured the island for venues to … As the state enters the new Phase 2 reopening, lots of people are asking about what it means for churches, weddings, and funerals. Can’t wait for Phase 3 to kick off in Singapore? And since they usually come with their partners or children, that makes it even more difficult to decide who to come. This will apply to venues like places of worship, HDB common areas and other external venues. Social gathering allowed but limited to five people. But it’s that really so? During Phase 2 which commences on 19 June 2020, you are limited to a maximum of 10 people at your solemnisation ceremony, excluding the licensed solemniser, if you are hosting your ceremony at the ROM. Credit: Ricardo Moura on Unsplash. And if you are doing gatecrash in the hotel, you got to make sure that there are only a maximum of 5 people gathering in one room. Hope you will benefit from this article if you are planning a Phase 2 wedding in Singapore soon! There’s simply a lot of creative freedom as to how you want to Livestream your wedding. No Large-Scale Events. The circuit breaker(CB) was a whole 2 months since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Singapore. Phase 3 will, undoubtedly, be Singapore’s ‘new normal’ in a lot of ways and will guide our way of life until a vaccine or an effective treatment for Covid-19 becomes widely available. All other wedding-related activities including customary rites would have to adhere to prevailing gathering size limits of up to five visitors to each household and in a group outside the home, MOH said. This is expected, as we’re still unsure of how fast things are changing in this period. This includes your immediate family members, relatives or friends. Things got a little better in phase 2 where the weddings were allowed up from 50 to 100 attendees (at external venues). According to the rules and regulations for Phase 2 wedding, you can only be in close contact with your wedding party of 20 (which includes the bride and the groom). As such, we are planning our wedding based on Phase 2 SMM and regulations. But of course, everyone will still need to mask up and follow the standard SMM. Phase 2 will start after 11:59pm on June 18, and small-group social gatherings of up to any five people will be allowed during this period. It can start off with an introduction, followed by the actual solemnisation. "Solemnisations at home, the Registry of Civil and Muslim Marriages (ROM/M) building, and designated areas at the National Museum of Singapore operated by ROM will continue to take place with up to 10 persons as these venues tend to be smaller," said MOH. Planning a Phase 2 Wedding in Singapore? After living in limbo during Phase 1, followed by three months of Phase 2, Singapore is moving towards a new normal, step by step. Sleigh into the holidays with this Beer-infused Log cake, Trying Herbalife Nutrition Shakes and Supplements, Staycation Packages at M Social Singapore, SingapoRediscovers Staycation Hotel: M Social Singapore, You can find dinosaur bones in Singapore’s Natural History Museum, Herbalife Nutrition 40th Anniversary Virtual Run, Sudio Femtio speakers: When sound meets beauty, MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45. Weddings and solemnisations can be held with safe distancing measures under Phase 2, with a maximum occupancy of 20 pax depending on locations, and masks to be worn at all times. You will have more time for yourself and your family. Nestled in the Pan Pacific Singapore hotel’s fourth … Read this first. Self-service buffets, live performances or activities involving singing or talking and shouting are not allowed. Phase 2: Weddings allowed up to 50 attendees, funerals allowed up to 30 as of Aug. 4, 2020 The Multi-ministry Task Force (MTF) announced the … If you are doing outdoor shoots, you can split yourself into groups of 5. If you are inviting 100 pax, you will need to split them across multiple zones into groups of 50 or lesser. At least, each wedding couple are now allowed to hold one wedding reception for up to 50 attendees (including the couple) in venues that are permitted to serve food and drinks. Published September 14, 2020. Your COVID-19 Singapore Wedding Regulations Questions Answered. From Aug 4, it will be expanded to 50 people - including the couple, and excluding the solemniser and vendors - subject to the venue's capacity limit based on safe management principles. Can we serve food at our solemnisation? Phase 3 will, undoubtedly, be Singapore’s ‘new normal’ in a lot of ways and will guide our way of life until a vaccine or an effective treatment for Covid-19 becomes widely available. Weddings will become more of an intimate affair after COVID-19. You may also like. Goodbye, Phase 2. Since the beginning of Phase 2 reopening, marriage solemnisations have been allowed to take place with up to 20 people. Phase 2 of Singapore's reopening: All you need to know from June 19 Related Story Coronavirus: S'pore to start phase 2 reopening on June 19; F&B dine-in, social gatherings of up to 5 … If you would like to support my blog by funding, you may do so via Paypal ( From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generosity and kind gesture. Since Phase 2 began, most activities have resumed, with strict safe distancing measures in place. You can even deliver some celebratory kits like cupcakes or bento boxes to your online guests to bring that ‘wedding celebratory mood’ directly to them. The multi-ministry taskforce will continue to monitor the situation closely, MOH said, with the aim of continuing to enable key social and economic activities to resume gradually and safely. Click to access Restrictions_for_Marriage_Solemnizations.pdf. You can sit together at a large round or long table. The Fullerton Hotel. With dwindling numbers of Covid-19 cases over the recent weeks and months, Singapore seems to be on track for further easing of measures.. On Wednesday (23 Sep) evening, Education Minister Lawrence Wong announced that the government might be sharing details on the journey to Phase 3 in … In a news release on Thursday (Jul 30), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said the multi-ministry taskforce recognised the need for "important activities and key life events to continue" during COVID-19 and the move is part of a "careful, calibrated resumption of activities in Phase 2". If you are not on a budget, it will be nice to have some live performances in between and an emcee to ‘entertain’ your guests. In preparation for my wedding in early 2021, I have been gathering as much information as I can from various sources. So, for myself, my parents decided that I should just invite our own immediate family members. This wedding party, however, cannot intermingle with the other 70 guests seated within the same zone and must be seated at least 1-metre away from the other guests which are to be seated in groups of 5. 18 Jun 2020 - This advisory provides guidance to religious organisations on the gradual resumption of more activities in places of worship during Phase Two. Below are some useful links to check out. Intimate Wedding Venues in Singapore For Phase 2 Receptions and Beyond. However, based on my conversations with vendors whom I’ve spoken with, they are couples who secretly flout the rules. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce will continue to monitor the situation closely, with the aim of continuing to ease measures, until we reach a new normal in Phase Three . The announcement of phase two on June 15 had taken many by surprise, as the nation had just entered phase one on June 2. In preparation for my wedding in early 2021, I have been gathering as much information as I can from various sources. Phase Two is a significant step in moving towards a new COVID-safe normal. Wedding Cakes & Desserts (7) Wedding Planners (6) Wedding Packages (11) Property For Sale / Rent (5) Interior Designers & Contractors (1) Other Services (2) Singapore Malay Wedding Services Wedding Packages. There’s no end to the number of difficulties COVID-19 has brought and weddings have certainly bore the brunt of it. EUREKA: The Best Popcorn You'll Ever Have, My New Brother Sewing Machine JV1400 (Review), Yolé Taster Diaries: 8 Things I Learnt about Yolé, Best Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha Fan, 擂茶饭) in Singapore, 1-V:U: Say 'I Do' at this Gorgeous Wedding Destination, Why this Philips blender is such a good buy, How eating synbiotic and have improved my gut health. The magic date you’ll wanna mark on your cals: 28 December. The magic date you’ll wanna mark on your cals: 28 December. Category Food Posted on March 1, 2016 May 14, 2018. Yoga and green smoothies keep me going. Should you flout any of the rules, the solemnizer has the right to call off the solemnization if the rules are not adhered to. I decided to stick with 20 guests after reading the rules and safety guidelines for weddings. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 15 June 2020 that Singapore will move into Phase Two after 18 June 2359 hours. It would be great if you can have an emcee or one of your family members to host the live stream session. Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the governmental task force tackling Covid-19, announced yesterday (23 Sep) that the government may be releasing plans to take Singapore through Phase 3 of reopening the economy, in the next few weeks. Phase Two: Easing of restrictions on key life events Restrictions will be further eased on weddings and wakes/funerals from 4 August 2020. min read Published on 30 Jul 2020 The ministry said that the number of community cases has remained low over the past few weeks but the likelihood of a second wave remains. As usual, masks are absolutely necessary and 1-meter safe distancing still applies. Read this first. [Phase 2 Singapore updates from 24 September] Phase 2: Post-circuit breaker Singapore. Since February, weddings have been downsized, postponed, and even held virtually as couples struggle to adapt to the new measures brought about by the pandemic. City Nomads. What do Singaporeans spend their SingapoRediscovers vouchers on? Bookmark SINGAPORE: Phase 2 of the country's reopening will start after Jun 18, 11.59pm, the COVID-19 multi-ministry task force announced on … Phase 2: Weddings allowed up to 50 attendees, funerals allowed up to 30 as of Aug. 4, 2020 With safety precautions put in place. New Ad | All Ads | My Profile ... (Phase 2 & 3) ( / Wedding Packages) Check out their Singapore Phase 2 wedding package that comes with F&B catering, photo booth, florals and dessert table for only $388. Once a historic General Post Office Building, The Fullerton Hotel was converted … Having been in the yachting industry for more than a decade with the largest fleet of yachts available for charter in Singapore, you’ll be spoiled for choice with them! Finally! Well, one-in-a … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sudio Elva: A travel, exercise and WFH Companion. Marina Bay waterfront in Singapore. We bring you the lowdown on everything you need to know. We’ve been through a whopper of a year, but the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. You can conduct gatecrash and tea ceremony as long as couples adhere to the prevailing gathering size limit of 5 people. It would be nice to livestream your wedding so that you can get your closest friends and relatives to witness this special moment with you. The guidelines may change in future, depending on the COVID-19 situation at that point in time. But, should I invite all 100 guests to my Phase 2 wedding? Save the money for your new BTO renovation instead. You need also declare the number of guests you are inviting and submit the guest and vendor list to your solemnizer. Keyaki Garden Pavilion at Pan Pacific Singapore. That means you, as a bride or groom, cannot intermingle or take table photos with your other 80 guests. It looks like the email address you entered is not valid. The day has finally come — social gatherings and house visits will be allowed from June 19, when Singapore enters into Phase 2 of the safe reopening of the country. Now you probably know why not many couples would openly talk about their post-COVID-19 weddings. 2. Intimate wedding venues in Singapore for phase 2 receptions and beyond. When the Circuit Breaker was over, couples can only hold mini weddings of 10 pax in phase 1. Could Holding A Wedding In Phase Two Be A Blessing In Disguise? And if you are conducting it at home, your attendees need to activate the TraceTogether app. Many of us have been wondering when Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening after the circuit breaker will be happening. I'm a digital content writer from Singapore who started blogging since 2010. Here’s lookin’ at you, Phase 3! We’ve been through a whopper of a year, but the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Venues and catering services for your phase 2 weddings in Singapore. The government has also allowed people to hold weddings with up to 10 people at home, ROM or the ROMM or up to 20 people at other venues (this has since been updated to allow … Phase 1 only lasted 2 weeks and then phase 2 was announced. You would not want your ‘audience’ to be watching you live for more than 1 hour. After six months of living under Phase 2 of Singapore's reopening plans, we will soon be entering the much-anticipated Phase 3. The Weekly Grub: 5 Things to Eat & Drink this Week. We can invite all of our relatives and friends to our wedding. More family members and friends are also allowed to be present to pay their last respects at wakes and funerals, from Aug 4, with up to 30 people present at any one time. A licensed solemniser will be assigned to you on the day of your solemnisation. Such simple affairs are stress-free and cost-saving. Yoga and green smoothies keep me going. MOH said this is also "subject to a venue's capacity limit based on safe management principles", adding that group size limits and safe management measures will continue to be reviewed. By the look of things, I believe that the relevant government bodies may eventually increase the gathering size but I doubt we are entering Phase 3 anytime soon. Social gathering allowed but limited to five people. Because you can’t invite all your mum’s or dad’s side of relatives, it is somewhat challenging to only pick certain uncles or aunties to invite.

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