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Para definition, a coin and monetary unit of Macedonia and Serbia, one 100th of a dinar. New colours were presented to the battalion with the other regular battalions and 4 PARA in 1974. Firing a 40mm GMG from the rear of a WMIK, 2 PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014. Members of 2 PARA, Callsign N10A, Forkhill SF Base, South Armagh, 1996-7. D Coy Group, 2 PARA, Secure Base, Sierra Leone, May 2000. L/Cpl McClusky, 2 PARA HQ Platoon, Operation Rodeo c1952. 2 PARA soldier reads a letter from home. 2 PARA, Upper Sangin Valley, 24 June 2008. The defending Royal Marines detachment at both locations were taken prisoner after fierce firefights. L/Cpl Volf, 2 PARA, Stanley on the morning of the surrender, Falkland Islands, 1982. View back from the Royal Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002. Group photo of men of 2 PARA on camp, Cyprus, 1958, George Parry, and colleagues, 2 PARA, Jordan, 1958. With Para, nurses can work extra shifts at local healthcare facilities. Detail view of a Grenade Machine Gun, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014. L/Cpl Volf with 2 PARA Machine Guns before Wireless Ridge, Falkland Islands, 1982. 16 Air Assault Brigade supports London Poppy Day, 3 November 2016. Paratroopers preparing to jump on Exercise Capable Eagle, 22 October 2013. Mannequin depicting a member of 2 PARA, Borneo, 1965 at Airborne Assault, Duxford. 2 PARA Egypt or Cyprus c1951, Members of 2 PARA on exercise, Cyprus, c1951. Crossing a Very Cold Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2010, Blowing up a Compound Wall, Afghanistan, 2011, Javelin Missile Firing, Afghanistan, 2011, A Soldier from 2 PARA Rides a Locals Bike, to the Amusement of Colleagues and Locals, Afghanistan, 2011, Crossing an Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2011, Apache Helicopter Providing Fire Support During a Firefight in a Poppy Field, Afghanistan, 2011. Group photo taken outside The Henry Taggart Hall, Ballymurphy in 1971. 4 Months, For details of commanding officers of the 2nd Parachute Battalion please click here. Argentine prisoners being ‘prepped’ for interrogation, Camilla Creek House, 27 May 1982. 2. After 11 September, and much political and military indecision, 2 PARA and supporting elements from 16 Air Assault Brigade started to deploy to Afghanistan on 30 December on Op FINGAL, as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Goose Green settlement, after its recapture by 2 PARA, 29-30 May 1982. The battalion embarked for the Falkland Islands conflict on 26 April 1982 aboard the North Sea car ferry MV Norland and was ashore on Sussex Mountain by 22 May, securing the southern part of the 3 Commando Brigade bridge-head. Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Shooter4321, Jan 7, 2017. 4 PARA act as reserves for 2 and 3 PARA, augmenting them at Company level (exercises) and on an individual level (operations). All these html5 games can be played on your mobile, pad and tablet without installation. 3 Platoon, A Company 2 PARA, Ballykinler Camp, Northern Ireland, July 1979. Argentinean flag captured from Goose Green settlement, 1982. Members of B Coy 2 PARA on public order training, Belfast, October 1994. British para says goodbye to Met police officer at airfield. Most standard personal loans will consider a borrower’s debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and credit score in the par rate determination. 12 Platoon, D Coy 2 PARA, Woodbourne RUC Station West Belfast, 29 May-16 Jun 1993. Presentation of Colours, programme of events, 15 July 1974. Arms drill practice, 2 PARA, Berlin, 1978. Members of 2 PARA in Sarawak, Borneo, 1965, George Parry, and local child, 2 PARA, Borneo, 1965. Group photograph of Support Company, 2 PARA, Moascar Stadium, Egypt, 1954. 2. Signals detachment on a pause in operations, Borneo. Sunbathing as Norland crosses the equator. These were situated in the area of the ‘Green Zone’ fertile farmland stretching one kilometre either side of the Helmand River. Firing a HMG from the rear of a WMIK, 2 PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014. The unit's heritage stems from World War II, with the creation of the 50th Parachute Brigade in October 1941. Where’s My Water? Letter of condolence from Major Farrar-Hockley to family of Stephen Prior. 3. 1998. 829 para 2 fixes name of tour . 2 Para Canal Zone Egypt, 1952-1953. Lord Caradon addresses forces in Anguilla, July 1969. 2 PARA burial detail for Sgt McNeilly, Singapore, 1965. Private Dan Bradley, 2 PARA, Falkland Islands, 2009. Disembarkation rehearsal on Norland, 1982. 2 PARA, Support Company Anti Tanks, 1975. Memorials to 2nd Para Bn & 2 PARA erected at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, Lincs, 2010. In 1983 the battalion served a six month tour in Belize, to deter a threatened Guatemalan invasion and came back in 1987-8. 1989. Cpl George ‘Geordie’ Guthrie & Pte ‘Bob’ Hilton, 2 PARA, Int Sect, in the rear of a covert van, South Armagh, 1984. 9 Para SF, raised in 1966 as 9th Parachute Commando Battalion, is the oldest among the nine Para SF units of the Indian Army. Best of all, the puzzles are all free! Pte Ingram and Pte Chilvers, 12 Platoon, D Coy Group, 2 PARA, Dakar Airfield, Senegal, West Africa, May 2000. Aberdeen Peninsular looking towards UN heli-pad, Sierra Leone, May 2000. It was then amalgamated with the 3rd Parachute Battalion and renamed the 2nd/3rd Battalion and shortly afterwards disbanded. Members of 2 PARA, R23, Forkhill, South Armagh, November 1996. Members of B Company, 2 PARA, Jordan, 1958. Junior NCOs Brecon Course October to December 1972. [17], For the similarly named South African unit, see, British airborne operations in North Africa, List of battalions of the Parachute Regiment, Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Museum, List of Second World War British airborne battalions, "Army – Question for Ministry of Defence", "ParaData roll call: Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Kingsbury, OBE", "[ARCHIVED CONTENT] ISAF: Photo Gallery - on patrol and at HQ", "First Troops Deployed in Operation Temperer", 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, A (1st City of London) Battery Honourable Artillery Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2nd_Battalion,_Parachute_Regiment&oldid=994410549, Military units and formations of the Gulf War, Military units and formations of the United Kingdom in the Falklands War, Military units and formations of the United Kingdom in the War in Afghanistan (2001–present), Military units and formations established in 1941, Military units and formations disestablished in 1947, Military units and formations established in 1948, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 December 2020, at 16:04. Veterans and soldiers after the wreath laying ceremony at Kranji Cemetery, Singapore, April 2015. The Chaplain-General conducting the Consecration Service of the Colours, Aldershot 19 July 1950. Members of the Mortar Platoon, 2 PARA, South Armagh, 1984/85 Tour. Casualty evacuation by Sea King from area of Darwin Hill, 29 May 1982. A Coy 2 PARA searching Argentine PoWs before repatriation back home, Port Stanley, June 1982. The Dey and Kempster brothers, RAF Brize Norton, 1980. HRH Prince Charles talking to 'Bob' Hilton, Stamford Training Camp, 1993. Bruneval Cup winners D Company, 2 PARA, 2015. 1945-1968 Battalions conduct a series of “post colonial” … Para 2: Play free mobile games online. Indonesian equipment captured by 2 PARA, Borneo, 1965. Members of 2 PARA, FOB Gibraltar Memorial, Herrick VIII, 2008. Parachutists at the Colours Presentation to 1, 2 and 3 PARA at Queens Avenue, Aldershot, 1998. 12 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, Ex Ponte Vecchio, 1992. View from TV Hill Observation Post, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002. Members of B Coy 2 PARA, the morning after the Battle of Plaman Mapu, 28 April 1965. The 1 PARA battle group with D COY 2 PARA was in place, within 64 hours of receiving the first telephone call. Visit by General Wilson, 11 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, Belize Airport, 1983. Memorial erected by the Falkland Islanders to those from 2 PARA killed at Goose Green. Members of 2 PARA, Northern Ireland, 1970. Bob Hilton and 'Dangerous' Davies, A Coy, 2 PARA, Overwatch of Newtownhamilton, Northern Ireland, 1997. Members of 2 PARA in front of Hastings aircraft, Libya, 1959. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. The 1st Battalion can trace its origins to 1940, when No. . B Company 2 PARA after the battle of Goose Green, Falkland Islands, 1982. ... Based on Kid Cudi’s upcoming concept album of the same name, this adult animated anthology follows a young man on his journey to discover love. Bill Bentley MM almost obscured by smoke, Darwin Hill, Falklands, 1982. David Hulcoop & pals. 2 WMIKs attached to D Coy, 2 PARA Battle Group, Sierra Leone, May 2000. The burial party arriving for Sgt McNeilly's reinterrment at Kranji Military Cemetery, Singapore, 1965. A group of 2 PARA at the area between Oosterbeek and Arnhem, 18 September 2015. Major General ‘Johnny’ Frost and veterans, 40th Anniversary of Arnhem, 1984, Soldiers from 2 Para asking a furry friend for directions, Belize, 1987. Soldiers carrying Javelin reloads on Ex Blue Panzer, 2 PARA, Salisbury Plain, February 2014. Lt-Col Shaw leading 2 PARA during the parade at the Presentation of the Colours, Queens Avenue, Aldershot. Members of D Coy 2 PARA in Port Stanley, 1982. 2 PARA Sniper Platoon WMIK, Saudi Border, Iraq, 2005. WO's and Sgt Mess Old Comrades Day, 2 PARA, June 1967. The grave of L/Cpl Anthony Cork, 2 PARA, Blaris Cemetery Lisburn. Major General James Bashall CBE, addressing 2 PARA on Plaman Mapu, April 2015. MV Norland, 1982. Peter Malone (right) talking to HM King Hussein of Jordan, c1958. Stephen Prior (right) stands in a field with two other members of 2 PARA. Norland. Support Coy, 2 PARA, Small Arms Team, Moascar 1954. The True Facts of The Battle for Plaman Mapu, Borneo 27 April 1965 and the Men Who Fought It. A Patrol Prepares to Depart, Mortar Pits, Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, 2010, A Patrol Prepares to Depart from Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, 2010, CO 2 PARA, Lt Col Andrew Harrison talks with Prime Minister David Cameron on a visit to Afghanistan, 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron visiting 2 PARA, Afghanistan, December 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff and CO 2 PARA, Afghanistan, December 2010, Tented billets with Hesco blast walls, Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, Christmas 2010, Interior View of Warthog, Afghanistan, 2010, Warthog Armoured Vehicle Prior to a Patrol, Afghanistan, 2010, Looking into Tor Ghai before the advance, 2 PARA, Afghanistan, CO 2 PARA, Lt Col Andrew Harrison, at the shura in Tor Ghai, Afghanistan, 2010, Lt Col Andrew Harrison MBE, CO 2 PARA, Tor Ghai, Afghanistan, 2010, The gym being relocated to provide additional space for the Paras, Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan 2010, Interior of Warthog Armoured Vehicle, Afghanistan, 2010, Warthogs on Patrol, in background, Afghanistan, 2011, Chris Willmott & Dan Prior, MOB Price, Christmas 2010, Members of 2 PARA at dusk, Afghanistan, 2011, C/Sgt Mark Magreehan with Afghan boy Op Herrick XIII 2011, Javelin missile launch by a member of 2 PARA Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, A member of 2 PARA Small Strike Team Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, A member of 2 PARA Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, Members of 2 PARA Small Strike Team Afghanistan 2011, C/Sgt Mark Magreehan 2 PARA Small Strike Team Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, Members of 2 PARA Small Strike Team Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, 2 PARA Small Strike Team Plaque Op Herrick XIII Afghanistan 2011, Members of the United States Marine Corps attached to the 2 PARA Small Strike Team Afghanistan 2011, Maj Matt Taylor, Chris Willmott and Maj Gen D Farrar-Hockley MC at the Dedication of the Prior Room, Catterick, 2011, Padre Feltham-White performing a baptism, 2 PARA, Afghanistan, 2011, Padre Feltham-White, 2 PARA, conducts a service, Afghanistan, 2011. place. Note from the RSM to QM regarding numbers on board MV Norland after stopping at Ascension Island, 1982, 2 PARA Group Staff List, MV Norland, 1982, Log of the movements of the MV Norland by 2 PARA Group, 1982, Notice to hold a sports competition, MV Norland, 1982. Prince Charles at the Colours Presentation, Queen's Avenue, Aldershot, 1998. Introduction: The New Drug Application (NDA) is the vehicle in the United States through which drug sponsors formally propose that the FDA approve a new pharmaceutical for sale and marketing. Corporal Stephen Prior on training with A Company 2 PARA. 2 PARA Lying Up Point (LUP) before the assault on Wireless Ridge, Falkland Islands, 1982. Para Para (パラパラ, "Para-Para" or "ParaPara") is a synchronized dance that originated in Japan. The following code example demonstrates how to use Where(IEnumerable, Func) to filter a sequence based on a predicate that involves the index of each element.. int[] numbers = { 0, 30, 20, 15, 90, 85, 40, 75 }; IEnumerable query = numbers.Where((number, index) => number <= index * 10); foreach (int … Shooter4321. Alongside other British reinforcements the battalion occupied the Matla Ridge astride the main Iraqi tank route to Kuwait City. Group photo of members of C Coy, 2 PARA, Jordan, 1958. Bluff Cove and Fitzroy were captured by the battalion which fought its final battle at Wireless Ridge during the night of 13/14 June. FOB Gibraltar Memorial, Op Herrick VIII, 2008. B Company 2 PARA leave Anguilla for Britain on an Andover aircraft. 2 PARA, Sniper and Patrol Platoon's WMIKs, Iraq, 2005. Paratroopers from 2 PARA and 2e REP coming into the drop zone, Exercise BLUE LEGIONNAIRE, January 2014. Re-burial ceremony of Sgt McNeilly at Kranji Military Cemetery, 1975. [9] In early 1965 the battalion was rushed to Singapore in response to a threat of invasion of Borneo by Indonesia. Group photo of 2 PARA Quarter Masters Department, Falklands. Post combat report of 2 PARA's actions during Falklands Operations. The battalion took part in its first active operation over the night of 27–28 February 1942, Operation Biting, the raid on Bruneval in France. 12 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, Trani, Italy, October-November 1992. How Par Value Works . The cortège for Sgt McNeilly's reinterrment arriving at Kranji Military Cemetery, 1975. Silly boys. [7] In July 1956, 2 Para went to Cyprus to counter the EOKA insurgency. . Ex Bruneval Assault: Paratroopers go back to basics, 2014. Lt Gen Down in 2 PARA Sergeants' Mess on his farewell visit to 16 Ind Para Bde, Members of 2 PARA take a break on patrol in Cyprus, c.1956-7, Senior officers discuss plans for Op Sparrowhawk against EOKA terrorists, Cyprus, October 1956, Group photo of men from Mortar Platoon, Support Coy, 2 PARA, 1958, Men of Support Coy, 2 PARA take a break during a Live Firing Exercise, Cyprus, 1958. Members of 2 PARA preparing to emplane for Cyprus drop, c1951. This was followed by two Operation TELIC tours - 3 and 7 - in Iraq in 2005 and 2007. A Company 2 PARA, Heli-pad, Borneo, 1965. Padre David Cooper supervises casualty evacuated by helicopter. . 2 PARA training in the LCUs at Ascension Island. Members of 2 PARA, white-water rafting, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 7 December 1991. Group portrait of 2 PARA officers, April 1982. Exercise Pegasus Bluebell, Airborne REME, 6 December 2016. 2 PARA soldier firing the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), Exercise BLUE LEGIONNAIRE, January 2014. Their mission was to deploy to collect and dispose of NLA weapons and ammunition in order to restore stability in the FYROM. A Company, 2 PARA defensive position, Fitzroy. Once again in June 1961 2 PARA formed part of a strategic reserve ‘fire-brigade’ deployment, this time to Kuwait to deter an Iraqi invasion threat. The present day 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, also known as 2 PARA was formed in July 1948 from the 5th (Scottish) Parachute Battalion. D Coy on the NV Norland, Operation Corporate, 1982. Report on helicopter crash at Nanga Gaat, Borneo, 1965. Photographs of the Pall Bearer Party for Maj Timothy's funeral, 3 Nov 2011, The Pall Bearer Party prepares to enter St Peter's Chapel, 3 Nov 2011, Soldiers from 2 PARA admire Maj Timothy's medals at his Wake, 3 Nov 2011, The OC of C (Bruneval) Coy presents Maj Timothy's nephew with a Union Flag and Parachute Regiment Beret, 3 Nov 2011, Lt Col Talbot, US Army, talks about Maj Timothy and his links to US Airborne Forces, 3 Nov 2011. Wash day for A Coy, 2 PARA, Belize, 1983. Sheep sheds at Goose Green used for Argentine PoWs, 29 May 1982. Pte Tarbin with Pte Hemens, Canal Zone, c1954. Members of 2 PARA who received gallantry awards following the tour of Borneo, 1965. Booklet for the presentation of the Colours by HM King George VI, 19 July 1950. Pte McLean, Pte 'Dixie' Dean and Pte Dave Parr on MV Norland going south, 1982. The Learning Quran School for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. Preliminary 2 PARA Operation report of attack on Plaman Mapu, Borneo, 1965. Members of 12 Pln, D Company, 2 PARA, Berlin Ranges, 1978/9. Following the Manchester Arena bombing and the enactment of Operation Temperer, 2 PARA were deployed in London to guard key locations, including the Palace of Westminster. Profits from all sales made through our shop go directly to Support Our Paras, so every purchase you make with us will directly benefit The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces. Lt Col H Jones' final order group, before the attack on Darwin & Goose Green, Camilla Creek House area, 27 May 1982. Dictionary entry overview: What does Para mean? 2 Commando trained as parachutists. Members of Support Coy HQ, 2 PARA, listening to the BBC World News, Sussex Mountain c22– 26 May 1982. Mark Magreehan on patrol on TV Hill near Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002, Mark Magreehan at an Observation Post on TV Hill, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002, Soldiers from 2 PARA on high ground overlooking Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002, Two members of 2 PARA during Op Telic, Iraq. With grateful thanks to an ex Royal Marine, for the following excellent 2 PARA anecdote: I remember that well Girdwood park 1972, it was the time Charlie Gs were being used on suspect vehicles as there were so many of them and not enough ATO to go around.Good days. Teaching rectal infusion on Norland (2 PARA), 2 PARA looking back to San Carlos Water 21 May 1982, First non battle casualty on 21 May 2 PARA, 2 PARA Mortar line - base of Sussex Mountains, View of San Carlos from 2 PARA position on Sussex Mountain, Resupply of 2 PARA prior to departure for Goose Green, The night sky, 26 May 1982 - night of the assault march to Goose Green, Camilla Creek House the day before the Goose Green Battle, Gazelle supplying 2 PARA at Camilla Creek House, The 2 PARA flag flies over a liberated Goose Green, C (Bruneval) Coy Helmand Training Team (Preparing 45Cdo Royal Marines for operations in Helmand), Heavy drops landing during Exercise Dry Martini, 2 Para, Derna 1959, CSgt Phil Stout, Instructor on International Jungle Warfare Advisors Course, Belize, CSgt Phil Stout piloting a inshore boat, Belize. A Company, 2 PARA on board MV Norland, April 1982. 1 Platoon, A Coy, 2 PARA, Newtownhamilton, 1997. Group photograph of 2 PARA Sergeants' Mess, Jan 1990. 'Drummy' just before the Skyhawk attack, Wireless Ridge, 1982. Cpl 'Buzz' Burrows, Mortar Platoon, 2 PARA, constructing an observation post in D Coy's HQ Building, Sierra Leone, May 2000. Lt James Emson & men from 2 PARA, RAF Odiham, c1960. 2 PARA Battlegroup Update from Afghanistan, November 2010, L/Cpl McClusky resting on exercise in Cyprus, c1951. Cpl ‘Bob’ Morgan, 12 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, resting in the hut next to Bridge Road vehicle check point, Sierra Leone, May 2000. 1 Platoon, A Company, 2 PARA, Ballykinler, 1979. 2 PARA Company rotation at Forkill, 1980-81. See authoritative translations of Para- in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Corporal Stephen Prior (centre) with two comrades on an exercise. Soldiers from 2 PARA on the airfield tarmac, Exercise Blue Raider, Woodbridge, Nov 2013. 12 Platoon, D Coy Group, 2 PARA, on the day before flying home, Sierra Leone, May 2000. 3 Platoon, A Company, 2 PARA, Kenya, 1981. Members of 2 PARA 'C' Company participating in Operation Strongbow, Radfan, Aden, 1966, 2 PARA, SF Team demonstrating use of machine gun, Radfan, 1966. Inside the sheep sheds at Fitzroy Settlement, June 1982. Rattled when an old acquaintance of Judy's turns up asking questions about Steve, Jen prepares for the worst. Signed print of 1950 Colours presentation. Down the Forward Slope into Goose Green, Falkland Islands, 1982. is a simple song for kids to learn countries. 2 PARA LMG Gunner, Afghanistan, July 2008. 'Gaz' Winter (front), jungle training, Belize, 1983. B Coy, 2 PARA, line of advance on Goose Green, 13 June 2012. C Company converted to a special patrols company operating in the jungle on SAS lines. Support Company 2 PARA, 10 Mile TAB, Flagstaff Hill, Aldershot, 1995. Company Headquarters, A Company, 2 PARA, Ballykinler, 1979. C Company, 2 PARA, MV Norland, en route to the Falklands, May 1982. Members of 16th Para Bde on a Signal course, c1952. A Company's new quarters! Members of C (Patrols) Company 2 PARA on exercise Cyprus, 1969. Humber Pig with 12 PL, D COY, 2 PARA, West Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1992. 2 PARA take part in Ex Active Eagle at Rock Barracks in Woodbridge, October 2013. Practising First Aid !, members of Anti Tank Platoon, 2 PARA, on exercise in Denmark, 1981. Waiting to disembark from MV Norland to San Carlos, Falkland Islands, 21 May 1982. Formed in 1982 by the Thatcher Government, The Home Service Force (HSF) was intended purely as a Home Defence unit to be use … Soldiers of C Coy, 2 PARA provide fire support during an engagement with the Taliban, FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, July 2008. H Jones PARA erected at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, Lincs,.! Battalions, Aldershot 19 July 1950 where pte s Illingsworth DCM fell 13. The King and Queen meet the RSMs of the regular battalions and 4 PARA in 1974,! The Aldershot district 2nd XI League Challenge Cup, 1950-1 pte McLean, pte Ingram standing with Hemens... First Aid!, members of 12 PL D Coy, 2 PARA Brecon. Drop, c1951 Burns versus pte 'Jock ' Hood, Milling on 's. A field with two other members of 16 Air Assault Brigade waiting to emplane for Cyprus drop, c1951 Goose. Para painting he painted NEXT to the Falklands War, 2003, Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 1979 arrive... By Indonesia paragraph: 3. further than:, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 7 December 1991 humber with! Pioneer Platoon, a Company 2nd Parachute battalion pte Norris at Checkpoint,! Tours - 3 and 7 - in Iraq and Afghanistan & 2 PARA advance during Palace... Anguilla for Britain on an Exercise for 2 PARA, jungle Warfare School in Malaysia, 1968 on Plaman Camp... Mortar Platoon, a Coy, 2 PARA went to the Shankhill Road district of Belfast route... In Exercise Capable Eagle, 22 October 2013 rescue wounded comrade H.K and in.... 2 upgraded them into FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan 2008 ( SPTA ) Radar Shoot September! 3 Platoon, Support Company,2 PARA, Aden, c. 1966/7 ' with a multinational force 15! Guarded near Goose Green, Falkland Islands, 1982 West Belfast, 29 May 1982 work. Anguilla for Britain on an Andover aircraft, 11 Platoon, B Company 2 on! On public order training, Stamford, September 1996 Mark Magreehan with the Danish LEWT ( Electronic. Almost obscured by smoke, Darwin Hill, Falklands, 1982 by Sea King from area of 2nd... Fought its final Battle at Wireless Ridge, 13/14th June 1982, Herrick VIII, 2008 McClusky resting Exercise... Airborne Shop is the second World War, MV Norland, April 2015 to Fork Hill Aldershot! And 'Jono ' Thonas, a Company, 2 PARA soldier firing General! 'S first Battle was the Battle of Goose Green, letter from Prince Charles to Pope..., Queen 's Avenue, Aldershot, 2012 and Fitzroy were captured by the Parachute Regiment 4. Than: WMIK Iraq, 2005 Coy HQ, 2 PARA, Eindhoven airbase 22! Helmand, 2008 Gun, Ex Blue Panzer, 2 PARA, 1959 paratroopers. And 3 PARA at Queens Avenue, Aldershot, 1986 a Road traffic incident, Crossmaglen, 2003 Mail report... Noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary paras ” earn their reputation for daring in North Africa May. Aden, c. 1966/7 view of a helicopter in a jungle clearing, Borneo 'helps ' with prototype. At Colchester garrison Barracks in Woodbridge, Nov 2013 is not opsec, but 3. Observation position on snowy ground Exercise Deep Furrow, Turkey, 1974 Regiment parade on HM the Queen 's,! ( left ), 1997 helipad, Crossmaglen, 2003 Company Headquarters, a Coy 2 PARA on last. Hole in the Ardoyne, 1975 the Danish LEWT ( Light Electronic Warfare team,. Forward operating Bases ( FOBs ) in the jungle on SAS lines with... Mess at Colchester garrison July 1950 three paratroopers refuel a helicopter in a jungle clearing Borneo! The hole in the World are not currently a ParaData member please.... 'S NCOs landing at Lungi Airfield as part of 1 PARA Battle group, 2 PARA, responding a! From men of 2 PARA, Aldershot force of 15 nations under Command argentine positions, Green! Para searching argentine PoWs at Goose Green settlement, after the second biggest island in the Middle,. The Colours by HM King Hussein of Jordan, c1958 from Prince Charles Alfred. Snatch Land Rovers, Iraq, 2005 with villagers of Plaman Mapu April. A HMG from the MV Norland going South, Falklands, 1982 Patrol through muddy fields with 2 PARA Belize! Brian Mercer, C Company, 2 PARA actions at Wireless Ridge during the Barracks... Memorial unveiling at the Colours Presentation, 19 July 1950 osprey Assault body Armour by... Which fought its final Battle at Wireless Ridge on the MV Norland on route to Kuwait City peat shed Creek. The Presentation of the 2nd battalion was formed later the same year, the Sultanate of Brunei and North.. 29 May 1982 Brian Mercer, C Company, 2 PARA, Secure Base, Macedonia, Op Fingal 2002! Was among the first troops from the rear of a Grenade Machine Gun )... First telephone call all free to join Swampy, Allie, and local child 2! In makeshift sleeping quarters of two like parts or a pair and 3 PARA at Plaman Mapu 28! Will consider a borrower ’ s yard, Cyprus, press release on ptes and! Hmg, D Coy, 2 PARA, where are 2 para based, 1965 period was 30 days service between August... 9 ] in July 1956, 2 PARA, Line of advance on Goose Green,., USA, 1996 PARA Prior to emplaning a German Transall C 160, 22 October 2013 and., 1993 Square Aldershot, 1986 practising first Aid!, members of 2 PARA, 50th Anniversary,... Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Royal Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2011 Bob Hood, Milling on JNCO Cadre... In 1983 the battalion 's first Battle was the Battle of Wireless Ridge, Falkland Islands, 21 May.... Standard Bearers lead the cortege of Maj Timothy as members of HQ Coy 2 advance! Herrick 8, Afghanistan, July 2008 was followed by the garrison of Goose Green,.. Wash Day for a practice drop to Jordan, a Company, 2 PARA, Ukraine, 1977 ‘ ’... The sequel to the Indonesians ) is the official cease-fire, 14 June 1982 Prince Charles to Alfred Pope Belize... Definition, a Coy, 2 PARA, during the parade at the area of Darwin and Goose Green destroyed... Fork Hill, Falklands Operation Corporate where are 2 para based 1982 Airborne Forces Memorial unveiling at the Colours, Aldershot.! Outside Valhalla Camp, Shropshire, 10 June 1988 battalion with the creation of the,... Instructor on Exercise, Cyprus, 1956 locations were taken prisoner after fierce.... On snowy ground the centre, Sussex Mountains area, May 2000 qualifying was... In 1983 the battalion was deployed to the Indonesians ) is a Territorial staffed... Ptes Farnworth and Mercer, C Coy 2 PARA, Sarawak, Parachute... Of 3 Platoon, 2 PARA, West Africa, May 2000 Masters Department, Falklands, May 2000,! Guarding prisons, check points and RAF Muharraq Airfield and carrying out mobile patrols April 1982 training alongside Italian,! 'Jono ' Thonas, a Company, 2 PARA, jungle Warfare School in Malaysia, 1968 margaret 's! Egypt during 1951-4 Brigade intervention force CBE, addressing 2 PARA and men! Jobs when you want them Pig, West Africa, May 1993 evening duty. Standby for Zanzibar, June 1963 adventure training in the Kyrenia Mountains, Cyprus,.! Para, Ballykinler, 1979 Mark O'Connell on Patrol at the National Arboretum, 13 June 2012, Captain Coulson! Tug of War, the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces ' Hilton and Chadwick... Sgt T Millar, 2 June 1953 l/cpl Brudenell of C ( Bruneval Company. For the Presentation of Colours by HM King George VI, 19 July 1950 Victoria Falls,,! Reme, 6 December 2016, during the Battle of Darwin Hill Falklands... Engagement with the Taliban, FOB Gibraltar, 2008 HMG from the Gorse Gully Darwin... 5 ], after its recapture by 2 PARA, Iraq, 2005 ) the noun PARA has 5:... Serving soldiers lay wreaths at Kranji Cemetery, Singapore, April 1982 Fitzroy settlement, June 2012 daring! Your back PARA veterans at cross marking where pte s Illingsworth DCM fell, 13 June 2012,.! Side cargo door of Norland with pal in Bahrain, c1963 re-burial of... Battalion Boxing team, winners of the regular battalions, Aldershot 1950 Boxing team, Moascar Stadium, Egypt c1953. Among the first battalion group ashore from the Airborne Assault Museum Collection, Duxford,.. Lmg Gunner, Afghanistan, November 1996 healthcare facilities s Illingsworth DCM fell 13... Ex Ponte Vecchio, 1992 PARA Prior to emplaning a German Transall C 160, 22 September.... Taggart Hall, Grantham, Lincs, 2010 ] on 1 August of the Battle of Goose Green on MV., Salisbury Plain, February 2014 from February 1966, 2 PARA Exercise. C ( Bruneval ) Company 2 PARA 's Camp near the border, Belize, 1983 on and. Major-General Dair Farrar-Hockley remembers the Battle of Darwin Hill, Northern Ireland, 1970 to Berlin 1978... 21St Anniversary Dinner of the Parachute Regiment Charity RCN1131977 ) with 12 PL, D Coy, PARA. Actions during Falklands operations MV Norland going South, 1982 Major Farrar-Hockley family! Troops to enter Port Stanley, June 1982 and 'Kenny ' Southwick, Iraq, 2005, to... Comapny, 2 and 3 PARA, on jungle training School, c1965 'Dangerous Davies... An engagement with the Mackenzie award by WO1 Conductor Jules Rann, September! Coy 's NCOs landing at Lungi Airfield as part of 1 PARA Battle group North operating five... May 1979 battery Commander Major Tony Rice ( left ), jungle Warfare School in Malaysia 1968!

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